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Have you got what it takes? Take the online evaluation if you want to know whether you are suitable lawyer for Keypoint Law.

Are you qualified as a solicitor?
Sorry - this evaluation relates to lawyers looking to join Keypoint Law, if you're interested in joining the support team please send us your CV
Do you want to focus more on working with clients and less time in management / partner meetings?
Do you have more than 10 years' post qualification experience?
Do you work in a niche practice area?
Do you operate in a niche practice area?
At Keypoint Law we look to recruit experienced senior lawyers with 8+ years PQE experience however if you feel that you have the skills, knowledge and confidence to be a success at Keypoint Law please get in touch
Do you have a client following or good client contacts?
Sadly, it doesn't look like you're quite right to join Keypoint Law
It sounds like you have all the makings of a Keypoint Law lawyer