About us

The big attraction of Keypoint? Our lawyers gain the benefits of an integrated and cohesive law firm, but they also gain genuine control over how they work and live their lives, plus they earn the lion’s share of the fees they bill. 

Since launching in 2014, Keypoint has established itself as an award-winning, fast-growing and full-service firm with offices in Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra and Brisbane, and international presences in England, Wales, Northern Ireland and the Isle of Man. We are driving transformation in the legal profession and redefining how a modern law firm operates by pioneering a model that's evolved to better meet the needs of lawyers.  

Our emphasis is on personal service by experienced senior lawyers, flexible offerings, and low overheads. To achieve this, we have removed the outdated conventions that hold so many lawyers back.

Billable hour targets and timesheets.

Office politics.

Partner meetings.


Not to mention endless bureaucracy.

Instead, we’re about setting lawyers free to concentrate on what really matters: exceptional client outcomes and a meaningful work/life balance.

How do we do this?

We offer lawyers the best of both worlds – the freedom they want and the support they need.

Like any law firm, we provide the resources and infrastructure required to get the job done. Everything from operational, finance and marketing support, to like-minded colleagues and referred work.

Unlike traditional law firms, we offer you unparalleled autonomy and control.

You chose who to work with, what to charge, and who you need to bring in on projects. When to take a holiday. When and where you work. No more billable hour or revenue targets. No pointless meetings. No distractions from what you do best.

And what’s more, the lion’s share of what you bill is yours.

We support you in your ability, and right, as a senior lawyer to run your clients and practice how you want. More than that, we encourage you.

And it works. Our model is based on the success of our award-winning UK sister firm, Keystone Law, who has grown to a team of more than 300 lawyers since launching in 2002. In Australia, we are enjoying similar growth with lawyers - and clients - who are embracing our fresh approach.

We are continually expanding our team with the addition of talented lawyers across all practice areas.

To help lawyers understand how they can benefit from our modern and progressive way of working, we have outlined how we work, the support we provide, and the benefits we offer.

By exploring our website, you’ll soon understand how Keypoint's lawyers are able to deliver an outstanding level of service and value to clients while experiencing an emotionally and financially fulfilling life, all within an integrated, cohesive and social law firm.

To learn more about our lawyers, services and latest news, visit our corporate website: www.keypointlaw.com.au.