Keypoint offers a social, happy and collegiate environment with a distinct absence of internal competition and politics.

How have we achieved this?

  • We have done away with billable hour targets, budgets and revenue expectations
  • We have established a flat, collegiate organisation;
  • Our remuneration structure is performance-based, transparent, 100% equal and gender-neutral; and does away with the traditional distinction between "salaried" and "equity" partner;
  • We empower lawyers to make all key business decisions affecting their practice;
  • We offer complete flexibility over where lawyers chose to work. 

The result is an open and transparent workplace which is non-hierarchical and inclusive.

From inception, it has been our goal to build a strong culture that values teamwork, collaboration, and meaningful relationships. We achieve this by providing centralised offices where our lawyers are either based, or at which they hot-desk or visit for meetings, by regularly bringing our team together for monthly drinks and lunch events, CPD days, winter and summer parties, regular practice group meetings, business development workshops and more.

Although all our events, meetings and initiatives are voluntary – we are a firm that is focused on freeing lawyers after all – we enjoy high levels of engagement from our team of like-minded lawyers.