You’ve worked hard to attain power and prestige in your career. Now it’s time to experience a new way of working that recognises the value you bring to the table.

Keypoint’s lawyers receive performance-based remuneration, according to a simple and transparent structure. Our key point of difference is that unlike traditional law firms, our lawyers earn the lion’s share of what they bill – typically 70% of collected fees. The same structure applies to every lawyer regardless of age, years of experience, or the level of fees generated.

In addition, our lawyers are financially rewarded for the work they refer to others in the firm. As a result, we have built a strong referral culture, which is a major focus of the firm’s efforts.

As an experienced lawyer, you are entitled to expect a high return for your efforts. If you aren’t currently receiving just rewards that match your achievements, now is the time to take control of your destiny and take advantage of a remuneration structure that truly reflects the value you bring to the table.