You’ve worked hard to achieve a senior level of expertise, and to build a loyal following of clients.  Now it’s time to experience a law firm which recognises the value you bring to the table and remunerates you accordingly.

Our firm offers a performance-based remuneration structure, under which our senior lawyers typically receive 70% of their collected billings.  The same structure applies, regardless of age, gender, or the level of fees generated.

In addition, our firm rewards our lawyers for work they refer internally, which has led to a strong culture of sharing work.

As an experienced lawyer, you are entitled to receive remuneration commensurate with the value you create, without regard for the traditional distinctions of "salaried" or "equity" partner.  If you are not receiving just rewards for the value you create, take control of your destiny and enjoy a remuneration structure which is truly rewarding.  

*Keypoint Law has a corporate structure, and is not a partnership. Our partner-level lawyers are called “Consulting Principals”. Many of our senior lawyers have joined Keypoint from former roles as partners.