Our Formula

Law Firm + Freedom + 70%

Law Firm

Premises. Meeting rooms. Back-office systems and processes. IT infrastructure. Junior lawyer, paralegal and secretarial support. Professional indemnity insurance. A Trust account.

Not to mention outstanding colleagues, access to a wealth of legal experience and disciplines. Plus referred work, of course.

Now think about the sacrifices you often make in an established practice.

Little decision-making power. Micro-management. Endless bureaucracy. Form filling. Timesheets. A work/life balance that’s out of balance.

What if you could have the best of both worlds? The support you need. The freedom you want.


That’s what we offer at Keypoint Law.

Like any large law firm, we provide the resources and infrastructure you need. Everything from research tools, finance and marketing, to colleagues and referred work (with 30% of the firm's revenue generated from referred work in FY22!).

Unlike them, we offer you unparalleled autonomy and control.

You chose who to work with, what to charge, and who you need to bring in on projects. When to take a holiday. No billable hour or revenue targets. No micromanagement. No distractions from what you do best. 

We support you in your ability, and right, as a senior lawyer to run your clients and practice how you want. More than that, we encourage you.


And, yes: the lion’s share of what you bill is yours^.

The firm pays 70% of a lawyer's personal billings on clients they have brought to the firm (and 60% of personal billings on work referred to them). 

Our remuneration structure is 100% performance based, transparent and gender neutral. 

It does away with the traditional distinction between "salaried" and "equity" partner, and applies to every senior lawyer regardless of experience, terms of service or fee generation.

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*Keypoint Law has a corporate structure, and is not a partnership. Our partner-level lawyers are called “Consulting Principals”. Most of our Consulting Principals joined Keypoint from former roles as partners.

^The firm pays the lawyer's incorporated legal practice (ILP).